Our Services

Printing - Design - Advertising - Media Management


We offer streamline printing services for the optimization of maximum quality print.

Our printing services range are, embroidery, laser engraving, vehicle branding, screen printing, digital printing, pad printing and sublimation. We use varied quality material which best suits the project outcome.


We employ different design efforts to ensure we marry the abstract ideas with the tangible design. This can be done through sketches, research, reflecting, interactive adjustment and re-design.

Our graphic design offers these services:

- Visual Design (CI Manuals, Business Cards, Company Profiles)
- Marketing and Communications design (Vehicle branding, Promotional Material, Flyers, Posters)
- Publications Design (Newsletter, Annual Reports, Magazine)
- Packaging design (Product design and packaging)
- Environmental Design (Signage, Gazebos, Office branding, Shark fins)


Africomm Media offers advertising solution for companies. We use our marketing and advertising solutions for our clients to strategically select platforms and communication efforts that best suit their objectives.

We are passionate about connecting brands to their potential market through strategic advertising solutions and media buying.

Our services also include:

Media Buying - negotiating and purchasing audience targeted advertising spaces
Brand Activations - Assisting with the execution of marketing tactics
Design and layout for adverts

At Africomm Media we own advertising spaces that clients can utilize, however we are not only limited to them as we go out of our way to provide media advertising solutions that best fit our clients' needs.


Africomm Media offers services in media management for operations of outdoor media. We understand that media management can be demanding and we therefore offer services of putting together an implementation strategy that best suits our clients' needs to ensure that adverts are put up timeously and managed effectually.

1. Managing existing OOH advertising sites

OOH Media Management Services:
- Pursuing sales
- Managing rentals
- Managing rate cards
- Physical audits
- Scouting new outdoor advertising opportunities

2. Identifying potential OOH advertising business ventures

Liaising with landlords and relevant stakeholders for potential OOH advertising development structures. These services include:
- Managing all necessary documentation required to kick start project
- Acquiring obligatory authorization and rights council to erect OOH advertising structure on identified vacant land/stands
- obtaining necessary engineering and environmental authorization requirements
- Oversee the development of the advertising OOH structures
- Ensure continual maintenance of the structures
- Manage the production and installation of advertising content
- Assist, if necessary, with media buying

3. OOH Media Production

The advantage of using Africomm Media is that we also offer printing and installation services which includes:

- Advert design and layout
- Print production (printing and installation)